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The Days Of Comics Past Podcast

Apr 20, 2019

On This Bonus Podcast Mike Sits Down With His 7 Year Old Jude And Picks His Mind.  They Discuss Podcast, Family, Dreams, Love, Comic Book Characters, Donald Trump And MORE!  Hope You Guys Enjoy The First Ever Family Friendly Edition Of The Days Of Comics Past Podcast!!!


Mewes Chaser - Jenny Lynn Stacy And The Dirty...

Apr 13, 2019


On This Episode The Guys Talk About Almost Exclusively About Movies.  Mike Gives His Take On Dumbo And The Guys Discuss Shazam!  Mike Tells His Story About The Day Clerks 2 Hit Theaters And Caleb FINALLY Watches Mallrats!  The Guys Celebrate 80 Years of Batman With A Review Of Kevin Smith's...

Mar 30, 2019


 This Episode The Guys Talk About Steve Irwin, The Dirt, And James Gunn.  The Guys Discuss Captain Marvel And Spider Man Into The Spider Verse Then The Finish Off The Episode With A Review Of Spider-Gwen.  

Mewes Chasers - Spiral Crush - Magnum 

Mar 16, 2019

In This Episode Mike Finally Watched Bohemian Rhapsody And The Guys Give Their Take On The Movie And Bio Pic Films In General.  The Guys Discuss Will Smith's Departure From Suicide Squad 2 And The Leaked Image Of Sonic The Hedgehog.  Then The Guys Finish Off With The All New HIT-GIRL By Kevin Smith.


Mewes Chaser -...

Feb 25, 2019



On This Episode The Guys Talk About A Few Of This Years Upcoming Summer Blockbuster Movies Like Aladdin, Lion King, And Of Course DETECTIVE PIKACHU!!!!!  Mike Strikes Up An In Depth Conversation About The Super Pets And The Guys Review 2016's Cyborg #1 From Rebirth.


Mewes Chaser - Sister Kill...